WHAT'S-ON-INDIA : TV Guide App for iPad App Reviews

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Please update

This would be a kickass app only if you guys had updated it. Your website looks great, is there any chance we could get a similar experience on the app? Or atleast please update this version to make it more stable. Please. Pretty please :)

Keeps crashing

I don't think this will ever be fixed, always keeps crashing.

Good App, needs updates!

Definitely a worthwhile app if Devs update it regularly! Crashes often!

Fix the app...

This app is good if it works. It simply fezzes at start and then crashes.

Good if it works

But it does not most of the time. Freezes at welcome screen. You will be better off with the browser version.

I dont like this app

I DO NOT LIKE this app no offence i mean why would they need my email id and my password..... I would not recomend this app.

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